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Valley of flowers FAQ's

  • Q.What is the best time to visit the Valley of flowers?
  • A. The Valley of flowers opens from 1st June to the month of October but the best time to visit this world heritage site is from June to August when the nature glooms in glory and has the opportunity to find the 300 plus species in ripe age.

  • Q. Is it safe to travel to the Valley of flowers?
  • A. The Valley of flowers is safe to travel. People are soft-spoken, humble and down to earth. The state of Uttarakhand is known for its hospitality and rich language. Talking about the travel to the Valley of flowers, June is the best time to visit when the climatic conditions are in favour. Before planning a long and high-altitude journey, one has to be medically fit or consult a doctor before hitting the road. Secondly, enquire about the weather conditions. Thirdly pack every essential required in the JourneyJourney. Fourthly read the advisory generated by the government of Uttarakhand.

  • Q. What kind of weather can be expected in the Valley of flowers?
  • A. Valley of flowers is a high-altitude hilly area. Weatherly conditions are unpredictable. Unseasonal rainfall, chilling winds, fog, lack of adequate oxygen level over higher altitude areas, and landslides make the JourneyJourney tough. Summers is the best season to enjoy vacations.

  • Q. Is there any ATM facility in the Valley of flowers?
  • A. There is no ATM facility or cash counters in Valley of flowers. ATM and banking services are available at Govindghat and Ghangaria nearby.

  • Q. What are the nearby places in the Valley of flowers to visit?
  • A. Nearby places to visit in the Valley of flowers are Hemkunt Sahib and Badrinath.

  • Q. If one has to visit Hemkunt Sahib and the Valley of flowers, how can these places be covered in a single trip?
  • A. Both the destinations cannot be covered in a single visit. They can be covered one by one only. Although the transit place to visit both the destinations are same known as ""Ghangaria"". As the visit is time-bound and overnight stay in the Valley is restricted therefore after reaching Ghangaria are divided into two rides for two days. Distance of Valley of Flowers from Ghangaria: 3.2 Kms. Distance of Hemkunt Sahib from Ghangaria: 2.1 Kms.

  • Q. How many days are sufficient to explore the Valley of flowers?
  • A. Valley of flowers is the complete destination to explore. There are two or three places to visit, like Hemkunt Sahib and Badrinath. If exploring all the destinations at the same pace, it requires 3-4 days to visit all the sacred places. The 16 Km journey starts from Govindghat to Ghangaria and finally to see all the destinations one by one where Ghangaria is the transit point to all the destinations.

  • Q. What are the health issues one has to deal with during high altitude trips?
  • A. First of all, the high-altitude trips can be completed successfully on if the traveller is medically fit and able to walk and run and moreover mental fitness is also essential in any kind of expedition. Higher the altitude and lower is the oxygen level. Due to a lack of adequate oxygen supply, the asthmatic person or a visitor with any kind allergy of lungs is not allowed to participate in such kinds of trips.

  • Q. What are the road conditions in the Valley of flowers?
  • A. After the 2013 disaster, roads are prone to landslides during higher precipitation. The visitors are therefore advised to read the advisory released by the government of Uttarakhand or enquire the climatic conditions favorable for any kind of long, high altitude journey before moving forward.

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